Bookbinding Supply Resource List

I have compiled a list of trusted vendors for supplies and equipment over the last twenty years of on and off again book binding and repair. Many of these came to me from generous teachers willing to share their experiences. I also have some caveats about purchasing supplies. This includes which vendors to avoid and also some useful tips, such as which vendors with whom it’s better to call on the phone and discuss supply needs rather than ordering online. The caveats are for another post.

I’m also a big fan of sample books and would recommend ordering these from your primary vendors to keep as references for different projects. I have sample books of book cloth, Mohawk paper, Japanese papers, thread, and leather. These come in extremely handy when you aren’t able to physically go to the vendor’s store and they don’t cost too much to collect as a reference.

Here is a list of trusted resources for book repair and book binding.

Book Repair and Binding Stores

John Neal Bookseller

Colophon Book Arts Supply


Talas (use sparingly, only for PVA or archival/storage uses, such as a roll of mylar)


Kelly Paper 


Cave Paper


Tooling and Type

Ernie Schaefer Inc.

J.B. Alivon in Paris


Hewit and Sons


Jeff Peachey 

Paul Brubaker and Bindery Tools LLC 

High Bids Win Auction LLC often has useful used tools


CalArt Engraving for dies

Other Art Supplies




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