Guillotine Delivery

Over the past few years I have been slowly accumulating equipment for my book bindery. The pieces come up for sale through auctions or individuals closing down their own studios. I keep my eye out, and I also have to think about the possibility that an item may not show up on the market again for awhile.

I was happy to purchase my Jacques and Sons Board Shear last year. I used one of these when I did volunteer book repair work at the Cincinnati Museum Center many years ago. It’s perfect for cutting binder’s board and paper.

However, as sharp cutting machines go, I still needed a guillotine for book binding. Guillotines will cleanly cut thick text blocks. This beautiful Chandler and Price Guillotine was delivered over the summer. It needs a little cleaning up and sharpening, but otherwise, it’s great!


Because the studios are still not ready, I am storing it outside. This means I had to get out there and give it a good oiling down with WD40 before wrapping it back up in plastic and then covering it with the tarp. I’m hopeful that it will not suffer much damage having to be outside in the sun all summer, but it’s the best I can do until the studio basement is finished and it can be lowered down there. It really is a lovely old machine.


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