Book Arts Studio Construction Update

Framing has finally begun on the construction of the studio space for printing and book arts. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but there is a full basement running underneath with an open area leading into it and wide doors for heavy equipment. There will also be an outside washbasin, porch, and other areas around the main studio floor.

After several years of rough planning, I am ready to move to the next phase. I have worked out preliminary workflows for both a printing press and book bindery. I have reached out to a master printer for additional consultation and assistance in starting this undertaking. Up ahead – acquiring the necessary equipment to furnish this space! I have the book binding equipment and work flow for the most part and am familiar with that side of bookmaking. Printing is where I am going to need the most help and training.

At the main house, which is mostly framed and getting the roof nailed on as I write this, there is a rare book room and a large basement area where small to medium-sized gatherings of artists or collectors could meet or classes could be taught. There is also a lovely guest house separate from the main house for an book artist-in-residence in the future. A trail will lead from the main and guest houses down to the studio space.

I am looking forward to being able to print and create books in this space. I know that it takes years to become a master at either of these skills, and that I am a few decades behind on my path. But I am a quick learner and highly determined after waiting all these years. As I work and learn in this space, I hope to engage with and provide a retreat for more experienced printers and artists to create their work. I also envision being able to share my love of printing and the book arts with the local community, especially younger generations.


2 thoughts on “Book Arts Studio Construction Update

  1. Hi Stephanie
    Just picked up on this site and blog.
    Keep learning and reinventing yourself.
    It will keep you young!
    Can wait to see new first edition books from your unique enterprise.

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