Purchasing a Vandercook

I have purchased a Vandercook Universal III with an adjustable bed. It is coming from a state university in Texas and should arrive by freight at the end of the week. I spent a few months reading about Vandercooks and reading in printer’s forums about which models are best for which purposes. The other issue to contend with was how infrequently these end up on the market.

While I was considering a Model 4, this Universal III with the tower and adjustable bed came up for sale. The description of its use by the previous owner informed me that it would work for the projects that I have in mind. I also checked in with a more experienced printer before making this purchase. I am hoping to have it moved to the studio by the end of August 2019. Until then, it will have to stay in storage along with the C&P and other equipment. It is increasingly difficult to remain patient.

From 1971 Vandercook catalog
Bed size: 19″ × 42½”
Maximum sheet: 18¾” × 28″
Maximum form: 18″ × 24
Floor space: 3’3″ × 8’4½” (add 3″ for adjustable bed)
Net weight: 1800 lbs (add 550 lbs for adjustable bed & 150 lbs for power drives)

Here is a great book about Vandercooks and their printers with useful resources and photos of studios.


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