Single Sheet Letterpress Book

I took a class at the SF Center for the Book and learned how to make a single-page, folded book. The teacher for this class was Lisa Rappoport of Littoral Press. She publishes and prints poetry broadsides and artist’s books.

My primary interest in taking the class was to practice positioning set type for multiple pages of a book in the bed of the press and locking up the form so that when the print was pulled, the type would show up in the correct position for folding the sheet. The instructor used a sheet of mylar to overlay on the form showing the direction of the type and the margins for the project. In addition to measuring, this made adjusting the spaces between the pages easier on the bed of the press.

I am interested in printing my own books with multiple pages of content and would like to be able to print four or eight pages at a time on one sheet depending on what I’m working on. This was a relatively simple project. It was good practice, and I picked up several tips for registration as well as setting up the form to match the intended margins. The result was a small, simple book of poetry. No sewing required.




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