Update on the Print Studio & Bindery

The rainy season in the Bay Area has slowed down construction of the house and the studios temporarily. However, the first phase of the cabinetry was installed in the upstairs print studio last week. It’s covered up with tarp until the electricians and security guys finish closing up the holes in the ceiling and walls. For now, I still can’t practice printing. [Except I did manage to get my daughter and father to do some linoleum carving with me at the kitchen table and we printed those – so we will count that as a little practice!]

The furniture for the bindery is going to be installed early next week in the basement. I’ll be glad when I can move all of my bookbinding supplies into this space.

The bathroom for the studios is completed and the outdoors basin and cabinetry are installed. They put up the railing around the decking and down into the basement area. And in between the rains, they managed to dig a ditch to bury the propane tank and generator. Should PG&E decide to cut the power during the next fire season, I’ll have enough backup energy between solar panel powered batteries and this generator to last for a month or two, or so they tell me.

Since I can’t practice printing in the studio, I’ve been working with an editor on the manuscript of the first book I would like to print. In between the full-time jobs of working with my husband to build a complex house, taking care of two very busy, wonderfully interesting children, and dealing with two very hyper, lovable puppies, not to mention maintaining my own physical health and sanity, I am managing to continue to make progress on the studio work.

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