Spa Day for the Vandercook: Learning Basic Press Maintenance

I was fortunate to spend a day in my studio with Paul Moxon, a master book designer, printer, and author of the book, Vandercook Presses: Maintenance, History and Resources (4th edition of this important book will be published soon).

Not only did I learn more about how my press works and about basic mechanics, but I also learned how to use some new tools that I wasn’t familiar with.

My Universal III was not in as bad a shape as I had thought it might be, but it did need some cleaning up as well as a few parts, including the replacement of a proprietary Vandercook spring, four screws for the roller height adjustment, and the crescent that rides inside the oscillating inking cylinder.

Many thanks to Paul for teaching me about my press and helping me get it ready for this next book project. Stewardship of these machines for future generations of printers and book artists will only happen if those of us in ownership of them now make sure we are taking good care of them!

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