New Leather Belt for the C&P

My C&P press had an old car belt hooked up to the old motor, and the previous owner had put a ton of black electrical tape on one end of the motor to keep the belt from migrating off as it ran. In addition to replacing the motor and getting rid of that tape, we added a leather drive belt this week. I am told that this leather would have been what was used with the original press rather than the rubber car belt. A variable motor has also been added to the C&P. The press is as quiet as a whisper when it runs.  

Next up will be figuring out where to mount the controls for the motor. I can adjust it manually, but it has software that I can also use to program settings and preferences. Ideally it will be mounted a little bit away from the running press and motor at the back. I also want the original counter to be reset and mounted back before starting to work.

I intend to use this jobbing press for smaller projects. Whereas the Vandercook will be used for book production with photopolymer plates, I’ll use my metal type collection with the C&P.


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