Mock-up Press Equipment Placement

Progress is being made! Here are photos of mock-ups of the press equipment. The Vandercook is on one side and the Chander & Price is on the other. There is large wooden Hamilton Type Drawer, a large galley tray cabinet, a metal type drawer, and a type setting table. A few custom pieces of furniture and shelving will need to be built, including a little platform around the C&P so that I don’t strain my back lifting the chase in and out and during clean-up (being petite poses a few unique challenges) .


I’m going to spend some time walking through this, moving pieces around, and thinking about the workflow.

Next up, the basement will hold all of the bindery equipment and working space. The polymer plate maker will be housed down there where there is adequate drainage. There is also an outside industrial size sink and locking cabinets for extra storage for clean-up.

Efforts were made to make the basement as nice as the upper floor with a double glass door for natural light, ventilation, and tons of good lighting that I can adjust in terms of warmth and intensity of the color. Hopefully, all of the furniture and equipment can be moved in by the middle of October. I am very anxious to start working and learning in this space!

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